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23rd May 2024

Referees will show pink cards at major tournament this summer

Callum Boyle

Pink cards

A new rule has been passed

Referees at the Copa America will be able to use a pink card after a rule was passed.

South America’s football’s governing body CONMEBOL confirmed that the new rule would be used throughout the tournament, which will be hosted by the USA.

What will the pink cards be used for?

The pink cards will be used as part of a system that may allow teams to make an additional substitute during matches.

CONMEBOL have revealed that an additional sixth substitute could be granted in the event of suspected head injuries and concusssion.

In order for the card to be used, a fourth official or referee would have to be notified, which will lead to the official brandishing a pink card to authorise the action.

A statement from the governing body said: “The CONMEBOL Directorate of Competitions and Operations announced that, to the five changes per team authorised by the regulations, a potential sixth will be added to take care of the health of the footballers.

“This is an extra substitution in the event of suspected head trauma and concussion. 

“To do so, the main referee or the fourth referee must be informed and a pink card will be used.”

How will the process work?

If a concussion substitution is made, the opposing team will also be allowed to use an additional sub.

Teams will also be allowed an “additional substitution opportunity”, which can only be used for the extra substitute granted.

CONMEBOL have also confirmed that anyone diagnosed with suspected concussion won’t be allowed to return to the pitch under any circumstances.

The player in question will then be taken to the changing room or the medical room. Team doctors will then be required to complete and send a form to CONMEBOL’s medical commission within 24 hours of the match.

As part of that, they will be asked to provide details of the assessment and whether they had to sub the player or not.

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