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14th Jun 2024

Every Scotland and England fixture at Euro 2024 and how you can watch them

Harry Warner

Euro fever is well and truly taking hold all over Europe as we sit mere hours away from the opening game of Euro 2024 in Germany between the hosts and Scotland.

It’s all well and good knowing when the opening match is, but what about the 50 other matches that are going to take place over the next month?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the comprehensive Euro 2024 fixture list so that you’ll never unknowingly miss that big 2pm clash between Georgia and Czech Republic.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, one user has posted a list that features every game, the group, the time, the channel and even the routes each team could take to the final, and it’s even colour coded. Nice.

Keep scrolling for a breakdown of the most important games.

For the England fans

England find themselves in group C a group they will be expected to progress from with Denmark, Serbia and Slovenia making up the numbers.

Serbia vs England – Sunday 16 June – 8pm (BBC)

Denmark vs England – Thursday 20 June – 5pm (BBC)

England vs Slovenia – Tuesday 25 June – 8pm (ITV)

If England get out of the group they will play Saturday 29 June at 8pm on ITV against group A’s winner, or on Sunday 30 June at 5pm against third place from one of group D,E or F on BBC.

England coming second in their group could see a round of 16 titan match up with hosts and arch rivals Germany.

The final get out of jail free card sceanrio for England would be the third place finish that could see them face down Belgium or Portugal depending on results.

This could be either Monday 1 July at 8pm on ITV or Tuesday 2 July at 5pm on BBC.

For the Scotland fans

Scotland have a slightly trickier group than the English to content with in group A, playing the hosts Germany on the opening night and having well-respected side Switzerland to play as well as the relatively unknown Hungary.

Germany vs Scotland – Friday 14 June 8pm – ITV/STV

Scotland vs Switzerland – Wednesday 19 June 8pm – BBC

Scotland vs Hungary – Sunday 23 June 8pm – BBC

In the amazing situation where Scotland top their group they would have to face the runners up of group C on Saturday 29 June at 8pm (ITV) meaning there could exist a world out there where Scotland play England in the round of 16.

If Scotland finish runners up they will face second place in the group of death, group B, featuring the likes of Croatia, Spain and Italy on Saturday 29 June at 5pm on BBC.

And a third place finish for Scotland could see a match against Portugal, Belgium or once again a date with the group of death on either Sunday 30 June at 8pm on ITV, Monday 1 July at 8pm on ITV or Tuesday 2 July at 5pm on BBC.

For the heavyweight showdowns

If you’re just a lover of good football and want to know when some of the best matches will be on, don’t fret, here are some of Euro 2024’s biggest group games.

Spain vs Croatia – Saturday 15 June – 5pm (ITV)

Spain vs Italy – Thursday 20 June – 8pm (ITV)

Netherlands vs France – Friday 21 June – 8pm (BBC)

Turkey vs Portugal – Saturday 22 June – 5pm (ITV)

Switzerland vs Germany – Sunday 23 June – 8pm (BBC)

Croatia vs Italy Monday – 24 June – 8pm (BBC)

For the lovers of niche teams

If you’re the type of person that gets giddy over the thought of topping your Euro fantasy league thanks to a one-tournament wonder or on the look out for the next Theodoros Zagorakis, the Euro 2004 player of the tournament who is now a member of the European parliament, then this list is for you. (It’s no surprise most these games are the early kick-offs).

Romania vs Ukraine – Monday 17 June – 2pm (BBC)

Turkey vs Georgia – Tuesday 18 June – 5pm (BBC)

Slovenia vs Serbia – Thursday 20 June – 2pm (ITV)

Poland vs Austria – Friday 21 June – 5pm (ITV)

Georgia vs Czechia – Saturday 22 June – 2pm (BBC)

Slovakia vs Romania – Wednesday 26 June – 5pm (BBC)

Quarters, semis and the final

From this stage it gets easy as both BBC and ITV will show every quarter-final, semi-final and the final.

The quarter-finals are scheduled for Friday 5 July and Saturday 6 July with a game at each 5pm and 8pm respectively.

The semis will take place Tuesday 9 July and Wednesday 10 July both at 8pm.

And finally, of course the final game, the one that matters most, will take place on Sunday 14 July at 8pm.

Who knows, there does exist a crazy scenario where it could be an England vs Scotland final, you can only dream…

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