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22nd May 2024

James Blunt says he wants to become the President of England

Ryan Price

The ‘Goodbye My Lover’ singer has ambitions to enter office.

James Blunt has declared a new ambition of being the first ever President of England and the country’s permanent entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Blunt shot to fame in 2004 with the release of his debut album Back to Bedlam, achieving worldwide fame with the single You’re Beautiful.

The debut release was the best-selling album of the 2000s in the UK, and is one of the best-selling albums in UK chart history.

Blunt is renowned for his self-deprecating humour on Twitter and has over two million followers. So, as you can imagine the comments section lit up under this tweet.

Among his finest work in the past has been his response to the New Zealand Herald headline that read: ‘New Zealand plays Barry Manilow to repeal parliament protestors.’

Blunt quote tweeted the article with the caption: “Give me a shout if this doesn’t work @NZPolice.”

On another tweet that read: “My favourite thing to do at gigs is to sing really loud but badly so that people who film all the songs have their videos ruined.”

Blunt again quote tweeted, this time writing: “Been doing this for years.”

In response to his President of England permanent Eurovision entry post, one Twitter user wrote: “For the Eurovision you should go with you’re beautiful, every year.”

Another simply commented: “I’d vote for this tbf.”

Also this week, Blunt announced 20th anniversary reissue of Back To Bedlam, as well as details of a UK and European tour.

lunt said: “I’ve released seven studio albums, but Back To Bedlam was the one people actually bought.

“So on its 20th anniversary, the record label and I thought we should repackage it with some early demos, and milk it for all it’s worth.

“It was one of the biggest selling albums of the Noughties, so here’s hoping it makes a dent in the 20s.”

Blunt attended the prestigious Harrow school in north London during his formative years, and was a captain in the Household Cavalry Regiment in his early twenties.

It was during his time in the army that Blunt started songwriting, eventually leaving the British Army in 2002 so that he could pursue his musical career.

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