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13th Jun 2024

Jodie Comer ‘watching clips of Cheryl on The X Factor’ to prepare for 28 Years Later

Ryan Price

The follow-up to Danny Boyle’s 2002 blockbuster will be set in Newcastle.

Jodie Comer has revealed she has been watching clips of Cheryl Cole as a judge on The X Factor in an attempt to brush up on the Geordie accent ahead of her role in 28 Years Later.

Earlier this year, the Liverpudlian actress was announced, along with Ralph Fiennes and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, as a cast member on the upcoming sequel to Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later.

Boyle is back on board to direct, and star of the original, Cillian Murphy, was also recently confirmed to be reprising the role of Jim for the third instalment.

The 2002 blockbuster centered on a bicycle courier (Murphy) who wakes from a coma to discover the world had been overrun with zombies following the outbreak of a virus.

As if the cast list wasn’t already star-studded enough, Amy star Jack O’Connell has also been confirmed as a name on the line-up.

In a recent interview with Elle, Comer spoke for the first time about the upcoming role and went into a lot of detail about the type of material she is using to prepare.

Speaking to journalist Lena De Casparis, Comer revealed that she was just hours away from heading to Newcastle to begin rehearsals, and added that she had been watching clips of Cheryl Cole as a judge on The X Factor in order to get a sense of the Geordie accent.

“I’m excited to get the first day done,” she says. “Danny just seems like such a confident, intuitive and intelligent director. The original was so loved, so I’m trying not to think of that too hard. I’m not putting too much expectation on myself.”

Of course, people on Twitter loved this quote from the interview, and instantly turned it into a meme.

It won’t be the first post-apocalyptic flick in Comer’s repertoire.

The end of 2023 saw the release of Comer-fronted The End We Start From, in which the 31-year-old plays a new mother who embarks on a dangerous journey to find a safe refuge for her and her baby during an environmental crisis.

Last week, Comer hit the red carpet in London for the UK premiere of The Bikeriders, a Jeff Nicholls directed blockbuster which also stars Tom Hardy, Austin Butler and Michael Shannon.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 11: Jodie Comer attends the London Gala Screening of “The Bikeriders” at The Curzon Mayfair on June 11, 2024 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

The projects promise to keep coming for Comer, who has also been announced as one of the stars of a new film centred around the story of legendary heroic outlaw Robin Hood.

The project, which has the working title The Death Of Robin Hood, is due to start filming in February 2025 and will also star Hugh Jackman.

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