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29th Jan 2022

James Blunt threatens to release new music on Spotify if they don’t remove Joe Rogan

Danny Jones

James Blunt threatens to release new music if Spotify don't remove Joe Rogan

Blunters has bants

The only thing better than that one James Blunt song everyone loves to hate is his comedic timing.

Blunt decided to chime in on the ongoing saga with Spotify and calls for them to pull Joe Rogan’s podcast from the platform by threatening to release new music if they don’t pull the plug. Touché, Blunty.

As you can see, following Neil Young leading the charge over concerns that Rogan’s popular podcast is spreading dangerous covid misinformation, Blunt joked he would “release new music onto the platform” if they don’t act “immediately”. Please, god, no.

This comes after fellow musician Joni Mitchell joined the legend in solidarity by requesting the same be done with her discography immediately, though, unlike Young, her catalogue is still yet to be pulled.

Believe it or not (and he won’t mind us saying this) Blunt has actually been releasing music fairly regularly for years since his iconic track, “You’re Beautiful”, simultaneously became the most popular and most annoying track in the world back in 2004.

Nevertheless, as the “Wiseman” warned, he could release a new track and potentially even his seventh studio album – yes, seven – if the popular music and podcast streaming platform don’t take action regarding Rogan soon.

The Bluntmeister General has always had a penchant for comedy and self-deprecating humour, in particular; it was only in November when promised to never release any again if his greatest hits album beat Adele to number one.

Hell, it was only a week ago he dropped this deep revelation on us:

On a serious note, the noise around Rogan’s association with crucial coronavirus misinformation that these musicians and thousands within the medical and scientific community are “alleging is costing people their lives” seems to be growing louder.

How many more are going to jump on this bandwagon in protest and, more importantly, will it actually force Spotify’s hand?

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