Jeremy Clarkson threatened with legal action by YouTuber over trademark catchphrase 3 months ago

Jeremy Clarkson threatened with legal action by YouTuber over trademark catchphrase

Oh no! Anyway...

Jeremy Clarkson could be about to face legal action from a YouTuber who was warned him of a trademark infringement and now wants to sue him.


Alex Apollonov is a 31-year-old content creator from Australia with over 2.68 million subscribers on his channel, entitled 'I did a thing'. The only problem is that this is a fairly common catchphrase used by the 61-year-old on Clarkson's Farm and even back in the Top Gear days.

After finding out that Clarkson applied for the trademark under his farm’s company name, Curdle Hill Farm Ltd. on October 21 2021, Apollonov jumped on social media to share his thoughts on the situation. He didn't mince his words:


Responding to newspaper headlines that suggested Jezza looked to trademark the catchphrase in order to sell "mugs and hats", Apollonov simply said, "GET F*****!", adding that two could play at this game and insinuating that he intends to take legal action.

In a somewhat surprising turn, Clarkson himself actually took to Twitter to respond, insisting that he had "no knowledge of this trademark thing. No idea where the idea came from". However, the YouTuber didn't seem to be buying it.


While the trademark's current status is only "Application Published" - filed under the "Chemical Products, Paper Goods and Printed Material, Houseware and Glass Products, Clothing Products" category - a potential lawsuit could see the push for a branded tagline stopped in its tracks.

And on that bombshell, that's as far as things have been taken and given Clarkson himself seemed to be none the wiser about the whole thing, it could prove to be a storm in a teacup and fizzle out altogether.

That being said, Apollonov looks to have other ideas, adding the classic, too far-removed, friend of a friend templated assurance: "My cousin's girlfriend's sister is a lawyer and she is pretty good."


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