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07th Oct 2017

Pablo Escobar’s son warns Netflix to be “careful” following death of Narcos crew member

"Netflix should be more responsible"

Simon Lloyd

Sebastian Marroquin, son of Pablo Escobar, has warned the makers of Narcos that the Netflix show can ’cause real life conflicts’.

His comments come weeks after one of the show’s crew members was found dead in a rural area close to Mexico City. The body of location scout Carlos Munoz Portal was discovered in a vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds. He was believed to have been in the area taking pictures in preparation for filming of the show’s fourth season. Little else regarding the circumstances of the 37-year-old’s death has been made clear.

“Nothing has changed except the names,” Marroquin told MirrorOnline.

“Now there’s even more drug-trafficking and corruption. As for what happened to the Netflix guy, I don’t know too much and I don’t trust what I read in the news.

“But unfortunately, Mexico is a very violent place. If I went to Africa to film lions, I wouldn’t be surprised if one killed me.”

The first three seasons of the show have all been predominantly set in Colombia. The first two, which charted the rise and fall of Escobar’s cocaine empire in and around the city of Medellin, were followed by a switch in focus to the Cali Cartel for season three.

In the past, Marroquin has criticised Narcos’ accuracy in its telling of the story of his father – pointing out 28 historical errors and even describing it as ‘insulting’. Now, he has again warned the show’s producers that they need to be more “careful” with the way they tell their stories, suggesting that inaccuracies can lead to problems.

“The drug dealers in Cali are watching Narcos and they don’t like it,” he explained. “They don’t like their names and their cities being used to tell things that aren’t true.

“By telling the story wrong, it can lead to conflicts in real life.

“Netflix should be more responsible.”

Season four is expected to move to Mexico, with one of season three’s cast strongly hinting it will tell the story of the Juarez Cartel.