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21st May 2024

Woman ‘lets her identical twin go to work for her while she goes on holiday’

Charlie Herbert

identical twins

Things didn’t go to plan though

A woman has claimed she got her twin to cover for her at work so that she could go on holiday, in the hope that no one would notice.

Identical twins Ari and Noe have built up a huge social media following thanks to videos they share about their lives as twins, and boast more than 800,000 followers on TikTok.

In a recent video on the platform, Ari said that she got Noe to stand in for her at work, so that she could go on holiday.

However, things took a turn for the worse when her boss apparently found out after he saw a video one of the twins had posted online.

Ari shared a screenshot of the apparent angry email, in which her boss, called John, said he was “utterly appalled” by a “recent TikTok video” which showed her “shamelessly flaunting your disregard for company policies and responsibilities.”

John labelled her supposed behaviour was “nothing short of insulting” and demanded an “immediate explanation.”

He added the employee was on a formal warning.

Reacting to the TikTok, one person wrote: “I NEED to know what your response to this is because WHAT.”

Another said: “Me authentically ending all emails with “Disappointed regards,” forevermore.”

Someone else agreed: “Disappointed regards is my new favourite signature.”

As with a lot of viral videos from content creators on social media, many thought the whole story was a bit of a tall tale, and casted doubt on whether it actually happened or not.

“Lmao that clearly isn’t a real email,” one person commented.

A second wrote: “Just say the video was a joke you didn’t actually do that. It’s your personal comedy page. Nothing to see here.”

Whether the video is real or not, there’s definitely at least one set of identical twins out there reading this and starting to get some bright ideas…

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