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18th May 2024

Most gruesome opening scene in history left horror viewers ‘traumatised’

Ryan Price

The little-known horror flick has been dubbed the ‘most frightening ever’ by fans.

Movie buffs reckon the opening scene of a horror film made in 2002 is scarier than Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween, with some saying they were left ‘traumatised’.

Ghost Ship, starring The Good Wife‘s Julianna Marguiles and Gabriel Byrne from Miller’s Crossing, opens with a dance floor full of people onboard the deck of a ship.

The glamorous guests are having a ball whirling around in their finery until a cable flies through crowd, slicing straight through the passengers.

As the guests on the dance floor look across, they realise that almost everyone was mutilated by the wire.

Everyone is chopped to pieces apart from one girl, who screams after realising she is the only one who survived.

Shortly after, the film cuts to 40 years later, when the boat is revisited and it seems that those who died may still be on board.

While the rest of the film is equally as eery and gory as the beginning, the graphic opening scene was enough to make many viewers switch off.

Speaking about the film on Reddit, one viewer said: “The beginning of Ghost Ship really freaked me out when I was younger. Found this movie in my moms room on VHS on top of her dresser when I was a kid. I put it on and the beginning scene literally traumatised me, I had never seen anything like that before. Why does anyone bother debating which movie has the best opening scene when we all know it’s 2002’s Ghost Ship.”

One person on Twitter wrote: “The biggest mistake that movie made was having one of the BEST opening scenes in a horror movie ever, there was no way the rest of the film could live up to that awesome sequence IMO.”

Another fan wrote: “That movie could have been an eight-minute short and it would’ve been perfect.”

Another wrote: “The opening of that film was almost perfect, and then…the rest of it happens.”

Ghost Ship is available to rent on Prime Video for €3.99 and on Apple TV for €3.99.

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