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27th Jan 2023

Love Island’s Haris could be questioned by police after street fight video

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Haris Namani

The video emerged this week

Love Island star Haris Namani could reportedly be facing questioning by the police following the shocking footage that was published of him in a street fight.

Footage emerged earlier this week of the 21 year old punching someone twice in the face during a night out, with the second hit knocking the man to the ground.

The clip first circulated on Snapchat and was filmed in May of 2022, but was made known to the public after the UK Sun published the video.

Haris can be heard shouting: “I’m not a bully” as a friend watching eggs him on, screaming: “Go on Haris”.

As he takes a second punch, the 21-year-old yells: “I’m not a bully, I’m not a f**king bully.”

Turning to the camera, Haris adds: “On my mum’s life…”

Haris was dumped from the Love Island villa on Wednesday night when newcomers Jessie and Aaron were left with the decision, choosing that he and Anna-May should leave.

Now, The Sun has reported that the former islanders could be questioned by police over the incident.

A source told the publication: “It’s at an early stage but police are studying all available evidence.

“It was a vicious assault and has quite rightly caused concern. There are also aggravating features given the fact that he is an amateur boxer.

“Officers have already begun making enquiries and are likely to speak to Haris.”

Haris has since addressed the viral video, saying: “I’m devastated that this video has been seen, it’s not a reflection of my character.

“I’m not someone that goes looking for fights and I didn’t want to be in that situation. This was a heat of the moment thing.

“The video doesn’t show everything that happened. Afterwards we met up and we cleared the air; we’ve shaken hands and we get along now.

“It’s not something that would happen again.”

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