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15th Dec 2016

Sir Cliff Richard making gravy on live TV has utterly confused the entire nation

Daytime telly has peaked


Brexit, Leicester City winning the league, Donald Trump… 2016 has had its fair share of unexpected events.

But with just days remaining of the year, what happened on This Morning on Thursday was so random, it might just have topped everything that went before it.

Not only did viewers witness Jamie Oliver discussing the size of Phillip Schofield’s chopper…

… they also got to see Sir Cliff Richard OBE making gravy – live telly at its finest. Within minutes, confused viewers were flooding Twitter with reaction.

Many viewers were asking themselves the same question:

Whereas others were asking another… 

Still, at least it brought some festive joy to some of the viewers…

Without a shadow of a doubt, we can safely say that daytime television has reached its pinnacle.

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