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03rd May 2024

Jimmy Carr sparks outrage with ‘car crash’ This Morning appearance

Ryan Price

The controversial comedian sabotaged Irish chef Clodagh McKenna’s cooking segment.

Jimmy Carr is getting slated on social media after a very strange and disruptive appearance on ITV’s This Morning earlier today.

The comedian was due to join hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary on the couch for an interview, but was present on set for the cooking segment earlier in the show.

While the show’s resident chef Clodagh McKenna prepared a raw chicken, Carr proved the common phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth” to be true as he interrupted the culinary expert at every chance he got.

When advising viewers to place their chicken in a saucepan, the 51-year-old interjected: “What? Have you not got a bin?”.

A smiling Clodagh managed to maintain her composure and continue with her segment but Carr’s interruptions continued: “Pop it in the bin! It’s gone, the chicken is gone”.

The comedian then proceeded to mock the chef when she sampled some of her own home-made chicken broth, by quipping: “Wait until she finds out about stock cubes!”.

Once Clodagh’s segment ended with Alison, Dermot and Jimmy tucking in to a vegetable and chicken dish, the comedian went a step further by criticising her dish, suggesting it lacked chicken.

While Clodagh seemed to not take it personally and appeared to laugh it off, Dermot took it upon himself to comfort the TV chef by wrapping a protective arm around her.

Viewers at home clearly weren’t impressed by Jimmy’s behaviour, and took to Twitter to share their fury.

One person wrote: “Jimmy Carr coming in with anti-Irish abuse and it was just a car crash after that. Total scum.”

Another posted: “Urgh. Jimmy Carr next. Switching off as he is obnoxious and proved it by having no respect to Clodah’s segment.”

Clodagh took to Instagram to post a picture from this morning’s programme, which featured a selfie with Alison and Dermot, but not Jimmy.

She did, however, mention Carr in her caption: “One chicken, 3 recipes, one @jimmycarr I’m officially ready for the weekend 😅.”

One follower took the comments section of the post to express her annoyance at Carr’s criticism of Clodagh.

They wrote: “Jimmy Carr was incredibly rude to you and Dermot and Alison clearly felt awkward.

“It’s such a shame that the producers didn’t get them to remove him from there or at least point out he was being rude and ruining your item.

“He would never have behaved that way had it been a male chef’s item.

“The man is stealing a living as a ‘comedian’.”

Carr was on the show to promote his new stand-up comedy special Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer, which is available to stream now on Netflix.

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