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02nd Jan 2017

Mariah Carey issues bizarre response to error-strewn New Year’s Eve performance

The popstar didn't seem overly apologetic.

Mike Wright

Mariah Carey did not have a good start to 2017.

The popstar should have kicked off the year bathed in praise and adulation after she headlined the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Time Square.

But with Thousands watching on in the plaza and millions more at home on TV the 46-year-old’s set was quickly plagued by technical errors and descended into extremely awkward viewing.

Things got so bad even Piers Morgan felt comfortable having a go at her credibility.

How do you possibly come back after having such a high-profile shocker? Well by giving absolutely zero by the looks of things.

Mariah doesn’t appear to have been in an apologetic frame of mind after arguably the biggest car crash of her career.

After the performance she simply issued this tweet, with a gif of herself (standard), saying ‘shit happens’. Which is certainly does if you don’t properly sound check your set, as she stated during the performance.

She then went on to ignore the performance *everyone* was talking about and got on tweeting about her reality TV show.

We’re not sure if we’re slightly impressed or if things just got a bit more awkward.