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24th Aug 2015

David Hasselhoff and this Manchester City star just cemented their special bond…

This is a strange friendship...

Ben Kenyon

One is a legend of 90s American TV, the other is a veteran midfielder at Manchester City.

It sounds like some bizarre fictional friendship, but David Hasselhoff and Yaya Toure are in fact real-life pals.

They apparently met while Baywatch legend The Hoff was appearing in panto in Manchester several years ago.

But here’s proof their friendship still burns bright – Hasselhoff posted a picture of himself wearing Toure’s famous No.42 shirt after City’s 2-0 win against Everton.

He’s obviously still a huge City fan.

He didn’t even tag the 32-year-old Ivorian in the tweet, but the two are such good pals that Toure hit him back with an equally complimentary message…


H/T Manchester Evening News