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02nd Jan 2017

Strange theory emerges about why Mariah Carey’s NYE performance was a train wreck

The blame game appears to have started.

Mike Wright

Mariah Carey looked understandably less than pleased as she struggled through the train wreck of her New Year’s Eve set.

During the error-strewn performance, the singer seemed to suggest she couldn’t hear the music coming from her monitors and complained about things not being checked in advance.

As things worsened, the Time Square concert made for excruciating viewing for millions of people watching on TV around the world.

However this morning it has emerged that the popstar’s team are reportedly blaming car crash performance on ‘sabotage’.

According to celebrity site TMZ, the 46-year-old and her team complained of problems with her earpiece multiple times before the concert.

They allege that she was unable to hear questions during in an interview before the show then had problems again when she was in her make-up tent just before going on stage.

However her team reportedly became more suspicious when the singer got on stage and allegedly found her prompter not working.

The site reports:

Short story — Mariah’s team believe there are too many coincidences and too many warnings … they say it was sabotage “so they could get Mariah drama.”  We know Mariah’s people fired off an email to an Exec at Dick Clark Productions, saying, “This is sabotage.”

However it adds that the company behind the show, Dick Clark Production, has rubbished the claims as “silly”, and allege it was the popstar’s decision to not check the sound herself. They also say there were 8 monitors on stage amplifying sound to her, so she should have been fine even without an earpiece.

After such a high-profile embarrassment, it’s not surprising a blame game seems to have begun.