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18th Aug 2015

NFL player takes away his kids’ participation trophies because they didn’t “earn” them

Kevin Beirne

When you win a Super Bowl, every other trophy out there starts to look a little less impressive in comparison.

So when Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison’s two children came home with some participation trophies from their summer camp, the former Superbowl champ saw it as a perfect opportunity to teach them a harsh truth about life.

Instead of playing along with the  children, who are aged eight and six, Harrison took the trophies away until they manage to “EARN” (his capitalisation, not ours) a real prize for themselves.

Harrison then decided to share his parenting method with his 400,000 Facebook followers in this post (click to enlarge):

James Harrison post

So what do you think? Should Harrison have just let his kids have the trophies and be happy for a little while or is eight the perfect age to learn that the world is a tough and unforgiving place? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.