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17th May 2024

Mike Tyson says he ‘got an erection’ watching videos of 16-year-old Jake Paul

Callum Boyle

Mike Tyson Jake Paul

Things took a very strange turn

Mike Tyson left everyone stunned when he claimed that watching videos of a 16-year-old Jake Paul gave him an erection.

Tyson and Paul were together for their press conference ahead of their fight in Texas on July 20.

Both traded verbal blows but it took a strange and bizarre turn after Paul initially said he wanted to “kiss Mike’s big juicy lips”, only for Tyson to make it even stranger.

The 57-year-old said: “He wanted to kiss me? That’s so ironic that he said that because I saw pictures of him dancing at 16, doing that little dance on YouTube and for some reason I had an erection.”

Everyone was left utterly perplexed by the bizarre comment but the conference continued to have a strange feel to it as a young child walked up to the microphone and asked which of the two would be better suited to training a young fighter.

He then asked Paul if he thought that Tyson had “bigger balls”, before asking the two fighters for their “body count” and forced Tyson to ask: “Where is this kid’s mother?”

Tyson also played down suggestions that he had been told to lose to Paul – who is 30 years younger than him.

“Well, just come to the fight and you’ll see,” Tyson said. “Listen, I started Jake off and I’m going to finish him.” Paul then shouted in reply: “Hey, I hope you all keep the same energy when I knock this old man the f*** out!”

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