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06th Jul 2016

Juventus’ new blue away kit is seriously slick

We'll take ten.

Kevin Beirne

You can always count on the Italians to lead the way in fashion.

They have always been slight ahead of us in terms of knowing what to wear, and we’re not just talking about in our daily lives.

We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t wasted at least one day of our lives staring at the beautiful football kits turned out by the Serie A and Serie B teams each year.

From the daring to the simple, the Italians always seem to know what to do, so it’s no surprise to see Juventus win our hearts with their away kit for next season.

It’s by no means a revolutionary effort, but sometimes less is more. As far as secondary kits go, The Old Lady have done a pretty good job of actually making it different from their home strip, with the dark and light blues complimenting each other well.

It might not be as iconic as their previous pink efforts, but it’s still a pretty solid kit, though Juventus supporters will be hoping that Pogba performs a little better for them in blue than he has been doing this summer with France.

And we’re not to only ones to fall in love with it.