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30th Aug 2015

Jamie Carragher sums up Dejan Lovren’s performance against West Ham perfectly


Dejan Lovren can’t catch a break.

The Liverpool defender put in an horrendous performance against West Ham, and was subjected to so much abuse on social media following the game he deactivated his Instagram account.

Lovren’s miserable weekend is now complete as Jamie Carragher has described his showing against the Hammers in rather unflattering, if fair, terms.

“The only way to describe Lovren’s performance was David Luiz-like,” Carragher said on Sky Sports.


The Brazilian is the most expensive defender ever, but at times gives the impression that he’d be more suited to play any position other than at the back.

“He (Lovren) was doing things you don’t really want to see centre-backs do,” Carragher added.

“50-yard passes – that at times got there – but there was one occasion where he did a double stepover and then got tackled.”