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19th Sep 2015

Girlfriend proves herself to be a real keeper after inspired Football Manager intervention

Impressive work

Kevin McGillicuddy

You know that horrible feeling when you come back to the laptop and the screen is down.

You had just nipped to the loo in the middle of a vital game on Football Manager and the score was 0-0. The second half would be crucial and now the love of your life has gone and bloody shut the thing down.

But one lucky man by the name of Tom Giffard may have found the Football Manager equivalent of Jose Mourinho, and paid tribute to his girlfriend on Twitter after her intervention rescued a perilous situation for poor Tom.

Sadie Vidal needed his laptop so she took over his game and managed to drive all those little 1’s and 0’s to a famous win.

We must know her secret.

And if she has a sister.