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02nd Sep 2015

Flying backheel assists are all the rage these days (Video)

Tom Victor

We almost feel sorry for Riccardo Meggiorini. He’s just 29, but his life has probably plateaued with one moment of genius.

The Chievo Verona player has had a perfectly good career, scoring at a decent rate in the Italian lower leagues and earning himself a shot in Serie A, and now we can see why.

Normally, the unfashionable club moving top of the table with a 4-0 demolition of Lazio would be the story of the weekend.

But everything else pales in comparison when you see what Meggiorini pulled off.

The records will show Alberto Paloschi scored a goal, assisted by his compatriot, but it won’t show exactly how the maestro put the ball on a plate for Paloschi.