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05th May 2024

PlayStation Plus users can grab over £150 worth of games for free this month

Nina McLaughlin

May’s PlayStation Plus games are out

PlayStation Plus is one of the best subscription schemes out there, as it gives gamers the chance to nab a whole load of new games each month for no extra cost.

Last month, subscribers to the Extra and Premium tiers got an extra 2 free bonus games out of the scheme, with one of them even being a brand new release.

If you still want to get ahold of these, the good news is that they will stick around until May 6th, but after that this month’s games will take their place.

PlayStation has now revealed May’s picks, and it looks like once again subscribers are in for a treat.

First up on the roster is EA Sports FC 24: Standard Edition. This popular game gives you the chance to play the most true-to-football experience yet, and even comes with the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Starter Pack to get you started. It will be available to play on both PS4 and PS5.

Next, PS5 users will be able to play Ghostrunner 2. This post-apocalyptic cyberpunk is a sequel to the bestselling original, and is perfect for fans of action.

Tunic is another game available on May’s PlayStation Plus scheme. You get to play as this adorable little fox, who goes on a journey to free a spirit that is trapped in a crystal.

“Explore a hostile and intricately-connected world of shady forests, sprawling ruins, and labyrinthine catacombs in this stylish isometric adventure,” PlayStation wrote of the game. “Discover hidden treasures and secret techniques to help you on your way. Clash with colossal beasts and smaller enemies deep beneath the earth, high above the clouds and in places stranger still. All will test your knowledge of technical combat as you courageously dodge, block, parry and strike to conquer them.”

Rounding out May’s picks is Destiny 2: Lightfall. Players will need to download Destiny 2 in order to access this, but that is available from the store for free.

Discover a neon metropolis completely unlike anything in the original game, and join the fight against the Shadow Legion in this major expansion.

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