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16th May 2024

‘Solar maximum’ set to bring 30C temperatures to UK

Charlie Herbert

solar maximum heatwave

Stock up on the factor 50

The UK looks set to be hit with temperatures north of 30C in the coming weeks thanks to an increase in solar activity.

The sun is reaching the peak of an 11-year-cycle, in a phenomenon known as the ‘solar maximum.’ This will see the star left off a series of sun flares, which could have an impact on the weather down here on Earth.

In recent days, the increased solar activity has caused the Northern Lights to be visible across the UK, as geomagnetic storms take place.

But this could also see temperatures on Earth to rocket, with Brits potentially experiencing 31C heat, the Metro reports.

Met Office space weather manager Simon Machin said: “The solar maximum increases the chances of space weather events impacting earth.

“The sun will emit solar flares and geomagnetic storms, with an ongoing chance of potential impacts.”

US Government weather forecasters NOAA’s climate website said: “During strong solar cycles, the sun’s brightness varies, affecting global average temperature by 0.1°C.”

Meteorologists have warned that along with higher temperatures, the flares will also cause increased UV levels though, raising the risk of sunburn.

Last weekend the UK saw its hottest day of the year so far. But UV levels were at a “very high” level 7, with fair-skinned people urged to wear sunblock of going out in the sun.

It is predicted that Level 8 UV is likely next month, so make sure you’ve got the factor 50 at the ready.

The mercury is expected to rise above 30C at some point this summer, with temperatures having hit this high in four of the past five years, according to Met Office records.

A Met forecaster added: “Through the first half of June has a slightly higher likelihood of above-average temperatures and hot spells.”

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