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27th Jun 2023

KSI and Logan Paul forced to leave stage as crowd pelts them with bottles of Prime

Steve Hopkins

Security had to step in and protect the social media stars

KSI and Logan Paul got pelted with their own product during a lunch event in Denmark on Tuesday.

The influencers-turned-boxers had to be helped by security during the event in Copenhagen.

Video circulating on social media shows the duo coming under attack after KSI shouted, “Drink Prime” into a microphone.

One of the bottles bounced off KSI’s head as four security guards used their arms to surround the fights and usher them out of harm’s way.

The social media duo partnered up in January 2022 to launch the drink which has become an almost collectable item ever since, gaining huge popularity in the UK and US.

In December last year, Brits queued outside Aldi at 6am when the chain offered a limited-supply of the beverage and shopkeepers have been criticised for selling bottles for more than £10 a bottle.

As the pair look to expand their empire, they’re travelling around Europe to promote it.

The ‘Holiday’ rapper later tweeted, “That Prime bottle to my head was pinpoint.”

In February, Paul revealed Paul that in year one “we cleared $250 million in retail sales and $110m gross internally” and that in January alone they made $45m in sales.

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