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19th Apr 2015

Video: Rare footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger training chest and back

Train like Arnie...

Ben Kenyon

Once upon a time Arnold Schwarzenegger ruled the world.

Long before he was the Terminator or the Governator, Arnie was the best bodybuilder on the planet.

And many people still say the seven-time Mr Olympia winner remains the greatest champion the sport has ever seen.

This rare footage of Arnie training back in the day emerged. And it’s not hard to see why he had that world-beating body.

The short clip from 1975 shows the Austrian Oak training back and biceps at the legendary Gold’s Gym.

He is squeezing out every rep on the lat pull-down machine before grinding out another 10 on the incline bench press.

No wonder he had a chest that size.

Would-be bodybuilders – this is all the gym motivation you need…

(H/T Generation Iron/ Arnold Schwarzenegger Series)