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04th Nov 2023

Experts call for end to clocks changing due to impacts on health

Clocks changing

Several health issues have been identified

Twice a year the clocks change. One time they go forward, the other, they go back.

The clocks recently went back at the end of October, meaning darker evenings rolling around at five pm and while it was put in place to help our bodies adapt, it may not be as healthy for us as we think.

According to scientists in New York, the change in time could result in severe health effects.

Clinical psychiatrist Yalda Safai told ABC News that: “Fixed national time is the best option as it most closely matches the human sleep-wake cycle.

“Any changes to the body’s natural circadian rhythm has the potential to disrupt the natural functioning of the body.”

Health issues that can allegedly appear as a result of the clock changes include an increased chance of heart attacks, strokes and abnormal heart rhythms.

As well as that, they can also cause disruptions to sleep patterns and affect people’s mood.

Dr Leah Croll, a neurologist and assistant professor at Temple University said: “Sleep is essential for promoting cardiovascular and neurological health. Those who are sleep deprived experience headaches, brain fog, memory and concentration issues, and do not make good decisions for themselves because executive function is not at its best.”

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