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09th Sep 2023

Doctor explains hot water migraine trick which will get rid of headaches with no side effects

George McKay

Migraine relief with no side effects

For those who suffer with migraines, you’ll understand that once one comes on, you’d give your left arm to be able to get it to stop.

Well thankfully, a doctor on TikTok has revealed a simple trick which anyone can do at home which should get rid of your migraines, with no side effects to boot.

Doctor Sood, on his TikTok account, stitches a video of Andrea Eder, a business coach, boiling her kettle as part of a home remedy for migraines, as she explains that in order to mitigate the pain, you should stand in the hottest water you can handle.

Now while this might sound like an old remedy that your grandparent might tell you to do that’s not actually helpful, Doctor Sood is here to tell you otherwise.

He explains that by standing in hot water, you will expand the blood vessels in your feet. This will pull blood away from the blood vessels in your head, which are under strain during the migraine.

This rush of blood away from the head should relieve much of the pressure and pain from the migraine and leave you with no side effects.

Just be very careful not to burn your feet!

He says in the video: “If you suffer from migraine headaches here’s a hack to try, which has zero side effects and may help. Soaking your feet in hot water. But why exactly does this help? This will dilate the blood vessels in your feet, pulling blood away from your head, which will ease the pressure on the blood vessels causing your migraine, which will in turn decrease your pain.”

He then urges people to reply in the comments if they try the hack, and the feedback has been positive.

Many report trying the migraine trick downgraded their crippling migraine to just a mild headache, with some reporting a complete cessation of all the symptoms. So it seems like this one is the real deal!

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