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02nd Apr 2024

Fitness influencer slams WWE stars after watching disrespectful gym behaviour

Callum Boyle

Joey Swoll

The situation could’ve turned very ugly

Fitness influencer and self-proclaimed “CEO of gym positivity” Joey Swoll has called out two WWE stars for their behaviour ahead of Wrestlemania 40.

Swoll has become well known across social media for calling out any form of toxic behaviour and gym culture and in his latest online call-out, he hit out at WWE stars Grayson Waller and Austin Theory.

Waller and Theory go by the name of ‘The A-team’ as part of their tag team duo and the pair were in the gym training for their latest event.

While filming one of the exercises a man walked past the camera, sparking an angry response from the two well-known wrestlers.

@thejoeyswoll Anyone can get it, even a @WWE superstar. #gymtok #gym #fyp @GraysonWallerWWE @Theory ♬ original sound – Joey Swoll

Reacting to the footage on TikTok, Swoll hit out at their behaviour, saying: “Grayson Waller and Austin Theory, you think just because you’re a couple of WWE superstars that you get to treat people this way.

“Just because you’re filming, everybody else has to stop what they’re doing just for you.

“I’m sorry, you don’t own the gym and I don’t really care who you are.”

WWE stars respond

After plenty of people supported Swoll’s response video, Theory replied and decided to take it one step further by claiming he was “Lookin’ like the guy that’ll smack the s**t out of @joeyswoll.”

Once again, Swoll replied to the ‘little man”.

“Listen here little man you don’t want this smoke. Not from me and not from my Swoll army. If you ask me you should be a little more concerned about training those little legs than talking smack.

“But if you want to keep running your mouth, I’m happy to end your career – not just on social media but in your ring. WWE, make it happen.

“You need to do better, mind your own business.”

Waller also replied, slamming Swoll and his fanbase: “For a bunch of people who worship you (Joey Swoll) as a gym guy, your fans are a bunch of fat, ugly losers.

“Maybe your fans should have spent more time reading than pretending to go to the gym.”

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