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16th Jun 2023

Tiny dicks might become popular again, according to experts

Charlie Herbert

Good news for some, I’m sure

Experts have suggested that a small penis may become desirable at some point in the future, with the concept of the ‘ideal dick size’ having been a fluid and ever-changing one throughout history.

Vice reports that whilst the Western world is enamoured by big penises at the moment, throughout history there are example of entire periods when a big dick was seen as something to be ridiculed, and smaller penises were far more desirable.

It is thought that thousands of years ago, a smaller penis was seen as a good thing. The Ancient Greeks apparently saw a smaller penis as a sign of modesty, rationality and self-control, and a big dick as a sign of idiotic lust and a lack of restraint.

John Clarke, a professor in Art History at the University of Texas, says that in Ancient Greece a human with “very large genitalia is considered to be grotesque, laughable.”

The Romans then adopted these views, seeing large penises as something to ridicule and laugh at. Even moving into the Middle Ages, artists used large members to depict evil or heresy.

Classicist Kirk Ormand adds that there remain some examples of negative connotations associated with big penises even in society today, such as the idea of people ‘following their dicks’ and the racist views of Black men being commonly stereotyped as having big penises.

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There is no specific period when society’s thinking around ideal penis size changed. Some think it may have been around the Renaissance in the sixteenth century, others suggest it may have been much more recent than this, coinciding with the ‘bigger is better’ thinking of modern society.

In fact, it is thought that throughout history cultures often featured both positive and negative connotations around large penis size, with the exception of the ancient Greeks who absolutely loved a small dick.

But who knows, thinking may flip once more, ending the current obsession with penis size that seems to have taken over our society. Don’t get hung up over it at the end of the day, because the idea of ‘bigger is better’ is just as fragile as any other social norm we’ve come to accept in society.

You can read the full article on Vice here.