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20th Aug 2015

This Instagram post absolutely nails why carbs are *not* the devil

You need to read this...

Ben Kenyon

Carbs have earned a pretty bad rep of late – but they’re not the devil incarnate they’re made out to be.

We’ve all heard that famous saying ‘No carbs before Marbs’, or ‘Scarbs’, or wherever the hell those TOWIE folk go.

But cutting down to zero carbs isn’t going to help your physique long term.

Yes, carb-restricted diets may help you shed loads of weight initially, but you’ll be zapped of energy, too tired to work out, cranky as hell and have breath like a dog’s arse.

Then when you do finally crack (because you can’t stay zero carb forever) you’ll be bingeing on doughnuts and pizza like John Goodman at the Last Supper and rebound harder than a crash test dummy.

Want to know the truth about carbs…not the horrible simple sugary ones you’ll get in a chocolate bar or a bag of candy floss, but the slow release complex variety like oats or sweet potatoes?

Well this Instagram post absolutely nails it. Everything you need to know, right here…

Myth: “When trying to lose weight you need to drop your carbs, but keep your protein intake high.” – Reality: Carbohydrates seem to have a poor reputation because many people have a diet composed of copious amounts of simple sugars while simultaneously leading a sedentary lifestyle. – Essentially, they’re constantly spiking blood glucose and not using the energy for anything, so it ends up being stored and eventually converted to adipose tissue. As such a habit progresses it manifests itself into type-II diabetes due to impaired insulin sensitivity. Intuitively, people figure they will just cut back (or practically eliminate) carbs altogether and all will be fine. However, the reality is that carbs shouldn’t be eradicated from your diet, but just controlled (like any other macronutrient). Research does indicate that overweight individuals are susceptible to impaired insulin response… so yes, overeating carbs can be an issue. But the trick is to keep carbs as high as possible while simultaneously achieving sufficient weight/fat loss. – For many individuals, it just won’t remain a practical long-term lifestyle to avoid carbohydrates, and by keeping them at a level to support energy and mood (among a host of other benefits) while maintaining a weight/fat loss regimen will only be a positive factor. – Enter The Fat Burning Zone – When trying to lose fat, a calorie deficit is exactly the scenario we want to create as fat tissue will start to be burned as fuel – a process called fatty-acid oxidation. Ideally, a sound diet and training regimen will incorporate both exercise and caloric restriction, and that is precisely what the ‘Simplyshredded 12 Week Shred Program’ employs. – For more information visit or simply click the link in our BIO >> @simplyshredded @simplyshredded __ ?60% OFF – Limited Time Only? __

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