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17th Apr 2015

Killer arms superset workout from fitness cover model Kirk Miller

It's going to be arm-ageddon...

Ben Kenyon

It’s Friday…

That means it’s t-shirt muscle time ready for the weekend.

As Winston Churchill once said: “Sun’s out, guns out”, and the weather forecast looks fine.

(We’re pretty sure that was Churchill anyway).

So JOE has found the perfect ‘Get Swole Friday’ workout to get those arms filling your shirt.

It comes from fitness cover model Kirk Miller. The man’s done more covers than a Beatles tribute act.

It’s no wonder with this arm-busting routine he posted on Instagram.

There’s three supersets in there which hit both your biceps and triceps.

You’ve got:

  • Close grip presses with E-Z bar curls
  • Overhead rope extensions with dumbbell hammer curls
  • Then a final superset of tricep dips and close grip E-Z bar curls just to finish you off.

Give it a go. But if you cannot drive, hold a pen or open doors for several days, don’t blame us…