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09th Sep 2022

Kevin Bridges divides fans with ‘old woman’ joke hours after Queen dies

Steve Hopkins

Bridges joked that his was ‘the only ‘f****** show in Britain going ahead’

Comedian Kevin Bridges divided fans with jokes referencing the Queen and the cost of living crisis just hours after news broke that she had died.

The Scottish comic performed a show in Glasgow venue OVOHydro on Thursday, after news broke around 6.30pm that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away earlier that afternoon in Balmoral, aged 96.

While speaking about the cancellation and postponement of several events now that Britain is in mourning, Bridges joked that his gig was “the only f***ing show in Britain going ahead this evening”.

“Good evening on this historic evening,” he greeted the crowd, according to The Independent.

“This is the 40th time that I have performed at this venue so I’m sure you’ll read about it in all the papers in the morning, on the front page of The Daily Telegraph.”

Bridges then turned to the Queen, and noted that the doors opened at 6.30pm “and she hung on – it’s what we she would have wanted, so welcome.”

He then targeted new Prime Minister Liz Truss, saying she would use the Queen’s passing to “add a zero” onto the £2,500 price cap she announced hours before her death was confirmed. Continuing to reference the energy crisis, Bridges said: “The show is going ahead – she’s not going to be the only old woman to die this winter.”

Bridge’s remarks ignited a debate on social media, with some suggesting they were in “poor taste”, while others defended him, saying he was simply a comedian making jokes about a timely event. People were urged to “stop trying to cancel comedians for doing their jobs”.

One fan wrote: “That Kevin Bridges opening set isn’t even bad. It could’ve been a whole lot worse.” Another agreed:  “How anybody can be offended by this is beyond me.”

However, one critic argued: “In poor taste to make fun of someone’s passing. Especially when she’s the longest reigning monarch who gave everything to her country.”

Others called the joke “disgusting” and one fan was left wondering if they now wanted to see him perform.

Bridges has not commented on the controversy.

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