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19th Dec 2023

Football history made as ref has yellow card Uno reversed

Nina McLaughlin

Uno reverse

I’m sure a few players wished they could do this in the past

Football history has been made after referee Mark Clattenburg had his yellow card Uno reversed.

The slick move was made during the Sidemen charity game at West Ham’s London Stadium.

Clattenburg showed the yellow to Max Fosh of the YouTube All-Stars team.

He was cautioned for his foul on Simon Minter, but Josh was not to take it laying down, and he hard a card of his own.

No sooner had Clattenburg whipped out the yellow than he was hit with the Uno reverse, which as everyone knows changes the direction of play.

The moment has gone down a storm on social media, with many being unable to quite believe what they were seeing.

One said: “Max Fosh just Uno-Reversed Mark Clattenburg for a yellow card and it worked, what am I watching.”

The clash finished 8-5 to the Sidemen and more than £2.4 million was raised for multiple charities.