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09th Sep 2022

People are calling for Huw Edwards to be knighted after heartfelt Queen’s coverage

Steve Hopkins

‘An amazing performance by Huw Edwards’

People have been sharing their heartfelt admiration and appreciation for Huw Edwards’ stamina and professionalism during the BBC’s coverage of the Queen’s death on Thursday – with some saying he deserves a knighthood.

Edwards’ presented the corporations rolling news coverage since they wiped the schedule at midday after the palace announced that Her Majesty was under “medical supervision” after doctors became “concerned” for her health.

Dressed in a black tie, Edwards was with the nation throughout the day as the BBC suspended its normal TV schedule until early evening.

The presenter held back tears as he confirmed news of the Queen’s passing, aged 96, and shared a statement from Buckingham Palace.

Edwards then told viewers: “It’s a seismic event, it’s the longest reigning monarch in British history, who has left us at the age of 96.

“And it’s not a surprise when someone of that age suffers ill health and eventually passes away but what is left of course is the reflection on what was achieved and the kind of life that was led, and the sense of duty and a sense of loyalty.

“And as [BBC Royal correspondent] Nick [Witchell] was saying, the sense of humility, which seems rather bizarre to say for a monarch, as someone who had a sense of service to others.

“And this was a theme that was repeated so often in the Queen’s statements and at great milestones in her life.”

Later, in his coverage, Edwards said: “Let’s dwell now on the impact on the people of the United Kingdom, for whom the Queen has been this symbol, not just of authority, but as a symbol of real solidity and consistency over the years.

“Taking that symbol away, albeit with a new monarch, King Charles III, who’s a very familiar figure, but taking that symbol away will have an effect on people’s lives, even those who are not dedicated monarchists.”

Many viewers felt this was a fitting tribute to the Queen – who appointed 15 Prime Ministers during her reign – and praised Edwards for his respectful and professional coverage during a tragic day for the nation.

He was also praised for his stamina and professionalism, with one person calling his performance a “masterclass”.

One Twitter user wrote: “King Charles give Huw Edwards a knighthood! What a consummate professional, calm, sombre.”

Another added: “Huw Edwards deserves a knighthood for basically talking to countless people about nothing for hours on end and now leading the most important news story of a generation, the best to ever do it I think!”

Edwards has worked as a TV journalist for over 30 years and first joined the BBC as a news trainee in 1984.

After the news the Queen had passed the BBC’s Royal Editor Nicholas Witchell then paid tribute to the monarch, saying: “One does, this – for the nation, for them – is an absolutely massive moment. It’s a moment of great solemnity and national sadness and it’s hard fully to take it in. It is an incredible shock.

“Many people will feel a sense of personal lost. Others will find it very disorientating. It is the end of what history will judge as one of the most remarkable reigns.”

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