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26th Oct 2015

The UFC released this cheeky teaser for McGregor-Aldo during UFC Dublin

Tell us you're not excited for this?


Can you feel that?

The clever folk at the UFC are patting themselves on the back as they’ve released a very short, but bloody exciting teaser, for the showdown of the year between Conor McCregor and Jose Aldo during the action at UFC Dublin.

The Irishman was in the crowd at the 3Arena and in the promo released on Instagam his voice is heard to say ‘I almost feel bad having to take that guy’s belt‘ with Aldo looking like a very unhappy bunny.

The Brazilian, who’s been in fine trash talking mode this week, then puts his fingers to his lips to try and shush the Dubliner who’s heard to cackle maniacally as the date of the biggest fight in UFC history flashes up on screen.

Watch it and try and convince yourself your not psyched even more for December 12.