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23rd Mar 2015

Video: It’s fireworks as usual as UFC follows Hurricane McGregor in Rio

Love him or hate him, but you just can't ignore him.

Ben Kenyon

Conor McGregor is doing his level best to hype his fight with Jose Aldo to stratospheric proportions…

UFC Embedded went behind the scenes with the quick-talking Dubliner on a tour of Rio de Janeiro and it predictably descended into madness.

Within minutes of arriving at an Irish bar, the Notorious had claimed Rio as his own, thrown his t-shirt into the crowd, launched some darts at a picture of Aldo then crammed the remains into his mouth.

Standard McGregor form really – but it makes great TV. God knows what sh*t he will pull in episode two.

This is certainly one fight that you don’t want to miss.

Let’s hope he makes it out of Brazil alive before July.