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12th Nov 2015

UFC CEO bought Jose Aldo a protective vest so he doesn’t injure ribs ahead of UFC 194

"Careful now"

Darragh Murphy

Lorenzo Fertitta clearly isn’t happy at the money the UFC lost when Jose Aldo withdrew from UFC 189.

And the promotion’s CEO has made steps to protect his investment ahead of the eventual realisation of McGregor vs. Aldo at UFC 194.

Aldo fractured his rib just two weeks ahead of the main event of July’s UFC 189, forcing the UFC to scramble to find a replacement in Chad Mendes and obviously affecting pay-per-view numbers.

Aldo’s wife, Vivianne Oliveira, has revealed that Fertitta has given the Brazilian two protective training shirts to ensure that he doesn’t suffer a recurrence of the same injury that he suffered in the summer.

“Lorenzo gave Jose two shirts with protection in the rib area,” she told Combate. “He is training with that thing for people to protect themselves,” she said.

“Of course he can hurt his knee, his pinky finger but fighting is a contact sport.”

If we find out in two weeks time that Jose Aldo has pulled out of UFC 194 because he’s injured his pinky, we’re going to be furious.