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27th Oct 2023

Tyson Fury bans leading broadcaster from all of his future fights

Lee Costello

‘He won’t be working with Tyson’

The WBC heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury has banned talkSPORT from attending his upcoming bout against Francis Ngannou, and any future fights. 

The Gypsy King is taking on the UFC superstar in what will be a glorified sparring session for the Englishman, but due to criticism from talkSPORT around the fight, Fury has banned the radios show.

Simon Jordan often covers boxing on the station, the controversial host who used to own Crystal Palace isn’t afraid to say what he thinks and often likes to stir the pit.

Jordan has taken exception to Fury’s handling of the failed contract negations between himself and Oleksandr Usyk, and that has proved to be the final straw.

“When you try and earn a living off someone, you have to be half sensible,” Fury told Boxing King Media.

“talkSPORT and Simon Jordan will never have anything to do with Tyson again. The biggest fight in history is coming up and he might have done 100,000 views on some stupidness that he’s said – it is what it is.

“I’m sure he will do something else, but he won’t be working with Tyson.”

Jordan responded to news of the ban on talkSPORT, insisting that he remains a ‘big fan of Fury’ and understood there were ‘difficulties in making that fight’.

He admitted Fury was right to pull him up on his previous comment that it would be ‘shameful if he ducks Usyk’, have later insisted that the heavyweight star ‘ain’t ducking anybody’.

“It’s Fury-Ngannou week and I understand we – talkSPORT en masse – are persona non grata, we are not wanted,’ Jordan said on talkSPORT.

“All of a sudden, we are banned. And I really wanted to go to the Ngannou fight as well.

“I’m disappointed. Shane Fury was saying, ‘talKSPORT are going to be banned’. Well, fine, if that’s what you want to do. You can ban me from a fight I didn’t want to go to.

“I’m sure they’ll weaponise it and say, “We’re going to do it when we fight Usyk as well.”‘

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