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21st Apr 2024

Eddie Hearn and Ryan Garcia’s father clash after Devin Haney defeat

Ryan Price

Another bizarre moment from a very chaotic night.

Ryan Garcia took care of business in the ring last night as he defeated Devin Haney over twelve rounds at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Many boxing fans are calling it the ‘fight of the year so far’ after Garcia knocked down Haney three times and had the New York crowd in the palm of his hand.

There was drama outside of the ring too as, after the fight, footage emerged on social media of British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn almost coming to blows with Ryan Garcia’s father Henry in the hallway.

Hearn appeared to be giving an interview following the fight, and was in the middle of praising Ryan Garcia after his impressive performance when he sees his father and trainer Henry Garcia walk towards him from down the corridor.

The chairman of Matchroom Sport says “well done” and congratulates Garcia on his son’s victory and looks surprised when he hears the man reply “f**k you, you piece of s***”.

Hearn hits back: “Oh really? F**k you. F**k you, you little piece of s***. What are you talking about?”

Garcia, who comes across wound up and emotional, references something Hearn said previously about his son and mentions Luke Campbell, one of the fighters Eddie Hearn represents and who Ryan Garcia defeated back in 2021.

The mood then suddenly changes when Garcia asks Hearn: “Who you got?”, suggesting his son could beat any of the fighters Hearn represents in that weight division.

Hearn responds by proposing 26-year-old American Jaron Ennis.

This seems to snap Garcia Sr out of his fit of rage and he then walks up to the promoter and shakes his hand.

The two then exchange words of respect and the altercation finishes when Henry Garcia apologises to Hearn for his outburst, to which Hearn replies: “I accept your apology.”

Ryan Garcia, who has had something of a public meltdown over social media in recent weeks, landed a left hook just seconds after the bell had rung and had Haney wobbling. This sent the crowd into a frenzy and set the tone for the remaining rounds to come.

25-year-old Garcia continued to taunt and torment Haney over the next few rounds, and knocked him to the floor in round seven.

Haney was on the canvas again four rounds later, shadowed by the image of Garcia celebrating prematurely in front of the crowd atop the turnbuckle.

Garcia used round 12 as an opportunity to showboat, sticking his tongue out at Haney and shuffling his feet.

After the final bell had rung, one judge couldn’t separate the fighters but the other two had Garcia by four points and six points to Garcia. 

Unfortunately for Garcia, having come in 3lbs overweight ahead of the fight, there was no WBC super lightweight belt to be raised aloft at the end of it all.

Comments under the clip of Hearn and Henry Garcia’s heated exchange were almost as entertaining as the commentary during the fight itself.

One person on Twitter wrote: “Quickest beef ever LMAO.”

Another said: “Damn. That’s grown man stuff right there.”

One other user commented: “lol 0 to 100 and back to 0 real quick.”

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