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05th Apr 2024

Anthony Joshua announces plans to retire from boxing


Anthony Joshua has spoken out about his retirement plans

Fresh off his KO win against Francis Ngannou, Joshua has explained that he has no immediate plans to retire.

The boxing legend has revealed that he wants to step back from boxing in two years’ time, despite originally having different plans.

In a new appearance on The Jonathan Ross show, he explained: “I’ve always said 35. I’m 35 in October, I’m thinking another two years or so if my body holds out.

“I’ve set up certain businesses that I can transition into naturally which don’t rely on me being at the forefront.”

However, for those who are hoping to see Joshua back in the ring in the immediate future, don’t get your hopes up.

Following his win against Ngannou, who only managed to land eight hits before being knocked out, Joshua is not set to return to the ring for a while longer.

“Around September is when I’ve been told,” he shared, via The Mirror.

“I was hoping June. I’ve got some time to go on dates now and mingle a little bit. I’m training at the minute, I’ve got two months before I get into training camp.”

Despite Joshua saying he plans to go on until he is 37, one of the star’s main sparring partners believes he has a few more years left in him than that.

Jeamie TK says he thinks Joshua could hang around in the ring until he is 40 years old.

“He believes in what Ben and Lee Wylie are teaching him,” he told Boxing News.

“That’s what gives him the confidence to do what he’s doing.

“I just feel like AJ’s going to be a three-time world champion and the way he’s moving he’s added three maybe five years to his career.”

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