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17th Apr 2024

Former world champion thinks Tyson Fury could still withdraw from Usyk fight

Callum Boyle

Tyson Fury

I don’t think he fancies it

Former boxing world champion George Groves is still unsure if Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk will go ahead.

Fury and Usyk are finally set to meet in the ring on May 18 after back and forth negotiations, including one postponement following a cut to the eye that Fury suffered while training.

The Gypsy King is set to resume sparring ahead of the showdown bout in Saudi Arabia but former WBA super-middleweight champion Groves thinks that the WBC champ could still withdraw and instead try and take on Anthony Joshua.

“I’ve said since the start – I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t think Fury has ever fancied the Usyk fight,” he told Betway.

“He’s talking about having 10 more fights, but if he loses to Usyk how does that work? It’s a massive risk for him to fight Usyk. He’s probably really hoping that Usyk can’t take a body shot. 

Tyson Fury

When the fight got postponed after the cut, I wasn’t surprised. It gave me the feeling that this fight will never happen.

“I thought to myself, I bet Fury would rather have a bit of Joshua than Usyk because he’ll see that as an easier fight

“The Saudis or the WBC aren’t going to pressure Fury to fight Usyk, so maybe he’s thinking he will go down the Ngannou route again, or fight Joshua. 

“That’s the fight everyone really wants to see. I don’t believe if he pulls out he’s going to have to pay a $10million fine. Usyk is probably thinking ‘I don’t know if this guy is going to show up’ because there’s still a chance Fury pulls out.”

Gypsy King warned ahead of fight

Ahead of the fight in May, Fury has been told that the cut near his eye is at risk of opening up again should he go ahead with the fight.

It was only three months ago that he sustained the injury after training partner Agron Smakici sent a flailing elbow into his eye by accident.

His cutman, Jorge Capetillo, meanwhile has reassured fans that they have a plan in place if the wound does open up again.

He told Betway: “The fight is going to be in May so he should be going back to sparring in two or three weeks’ time.

“There’s always a possibility that it could reopen, but Tyson has to do what he is good at with his distance, reach, not trying to knock him out in one punch.”

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