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15th Apr 2016

Rafael dos Anjos won’t be happy as UFC announce his next title defence


Kevin Beirne

Rafael dos Anjos lost a lot of money when he broke his foot back in February.

The Brazilian fighter was set to face Conor McGregor in what could have been the biggest moment in the history of the UFC if the Irishman were to become the promotion’s first dual-weight champion.

As we know now, RDA was forced to pull out of UFC 196 with the injury but the lightweight champion probably felt he was still due a big pay day with UFC 200 on the horizon.

On Friday, it was announced that Dos Anjos would defend his title this July, but not in the UFC 200 fight he had been angling for.

Instead RDA finds himself in the slightly humiliating position of being relegated from the main event of a flagship event to merely appearing on UFC Fight Night two days before the big night.

Dos Anjos takes on Eddie Alvarez on Thursday, July 7, the same week as UFC 200.

And while it is an exciting fight for fans, the Brazilian will no doubt be annoyed to have missed out on the big dance with Conor McGregor et al.