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23rd Jul 2015

Panama are fuming after their Gold Cup loss to Mexico…

Anger is an understatement...

Ben Kenyon

If you’ve ever been on the wrong end of a dodgy decision from a referee, spare a thought for poor Panama.

The Central American nation haven’t taken their Gold Cup semi-final defeat to Mexico very well at all.

In fact, they’re f**king livid. The players, the media and indeed the whole country has gone bats**t crazy over a hotly-disputed penalty shout from the ref in the 89th minute.

Roman Torres, who scored Panama’s opening goal in the 25th minute, was very harshly adjudged to have handled the ball as you can see here…

Then the s**t really hit the fan. Panama’s players were ready to leave the field, the two teams nearly came to blows and Mexican fans hurled beer on to the pitch (it must have been bad to waste good beer).

The controversial penalty was converted by Andres Guardado 11 minutes after it was given in the 101st minute.

Mexico then went on to win another penalty in extra-time (which looked right), also converted by Guardado, which sent them through to the final with Jamaica.

This was the reaction from the Panana players in the dressing room as they unveiled a hastily thrown-together banner implying CONCACAF is corrupt.

If you thought that was bad, just look at the reaction in the Panamanian media (‘Arbitro’ means referee, and you know the rest).

H/T Eurosport