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10th Apr 2024

TV channel accidentally airs man’s testicles instead of solar eclipse


A TV channel has found itself in trouble…

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the solar eclipse happened earlier this week.

Although here in the UK the eclipse amounted to not much due to it happening when the sun was already about to go down, across the Atlantic Ocean it was a pretty big deal.

However, one Mexican TV channel got a big carried away with their coverage – and ended up accidentally airing a man’s testicles rather than the eclipse.

The hosts of RCG Media’s 24/7 were sat watching clips of the eclipse that had been sent in by viewers, but one naughty clip appeared to have slipped the net.

Amid clips of the sun disappearing behind the moon, a clip of a man’s testicles was shown.

The male host continued listing off cities where the eclipse was seen, but one of his female colleagues let out a gasp as she realised what they had shown.

After realising what they had done, the X-rated clip was quickly taken off screen, and the male host explained how their want to show viewers’ own footage had led to the mistake.

Twitter user Rhevolver claims to be the person to whom the testicles belong.

“Greetings to all my people from Saltillo who had to watch my eggs on television because those from @rcg_media neglected to review the video of the eclipse carefully,” they wrote on the app, per New York Post.

Viewers have responded to the moment online.

One person joked: “Journalism at finest!”

A second put: “LMFAO this man sent in his testicles to the news as a video of the solar eclipse…they aired it…”

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