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31st Jul 2015

Neville: Wilshere’s outburst was “one of the best things I’ve seen from a footballer in the past five or 10 years”

Tom Victor

Jack Wilshere’s antics at Arsenal’s FA Cup victory parade earned him some criticism, but Gary Neville argues it reflects well on the midfielder.

The former England defender described the Arsenal man’s outburst as “One of the best things I’ve seen from a football player in the past five or 10 years.

“If I was a manager of players that all had that passion… Alright, they’d obviously been out the night before. But the reality of it is we cry out for players to have passion, and yet we are quite critical of them when they display passion,” he told Sport.

Arsenal FA Cup Victory Parade

Neville also commented on the Raheem Sterling transfer fee, drawing a curious analogy with steak.

“If you asked me: ‘Is any player worth £50m?’ I’d say no. But the reality of it is every player is worth what someone is willing to pay,” he said.

“Do you think your fillet steak is worth 25 quid when you go to a restaurant in London? I go to London, I pay £28 for a rib-eye steak. Do I think that’s worth it? No! I can get one for five quid in a supermarket!”

Great job Gary, now we’re just hungry.