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08th Jul 2016

Napoli’s new kit is so tight is looks like it’s painted on

That's one way to counter shirt-pulling.

Tom Victor

When it comes to innovation with football kits, Napoli have long been ahead of the curve.

The Serie A club caught the eye not too long ago with their denim kit, which looked as stylish as it did impractical.

But why stop there?

Last year’s Serie A runners-up have continued to push the envelope as they chase their first title since the days of Diego Maradona, launching a kit that redefines the idea of skin-tight clothing.

Using ‘Kombat Skin’ technology, the Kappa kit almost looks like body paint.

We’ll wait until the Partenopei give the new shirt its first matchday outing before passing judgement.

On first glance, though, it reminds us of Cameroon’s skin-tight effort which got its first airing in the middle of the last decade.

Cameroon v Nigeria

We certainly expect Maurizio Sarri’s team to catch the eye next season, though, and we’re looking forward to seeing the kit in action when the upcoming Serie A campaign kicks off in August.

If it’s part of a move to stop opponents from tugging on Napoli players’ shirts then all credit to them. Still, if we know footballers, they’ll always find another way to gain that slight advantage on their man.

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