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27th Feb 2016

Michael Bisping records huge victory against former UFC champion Anderson Silva (Video)

Ben Kenyon

Michael Bisping earned a historic victory over Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night London.

It was a blood and guts fight against one of the sport’s greatest ever champions over five dramatic rounds.

The 02 Arena roared Bisping on as he threw everything but the kitchen sink at the 40-year-old Brazilian in a scintillating bout.

Silva proved he still had some incredible shots in his locker but Bisping took every single one and still came forward.

He took the fight on a 48-47 decision in front of his home crowd.

Bisping cut

After the fight, the Count was delighted to beat the man he called ‘the greatest martial artist of all time.

”I will go and see a doctor and then maybe a beer,” he added.

The fight got off to a cagey start after the two bowed and shook hands, despite weeks of mind games and mental warfare in the run up.

Silva swung wildly while Bisping was in and out with precise strikes as the first round ebbed into the final minute.Silva goaded Bisping to come forward – and come forward he did.

The final 30 seconds both men went for it. Bisping rocked the 40-year-old with a brilliant one-two before the buzzer.

Silva continued to goad the Lancastrian fighter in the second and third rounds.

Bisping used his footwork well and had success with the one-two shot and leg kick combo.Silva proved elusive with some fluid head movements.

The fight then exploded as Bisping dropped Silva with a huge shot. The Brazilian was stunned but not out and Bisping pounced. He went in for the kill but the former champion weather the barrage of shots on the ground to see out the round.

In the third round Bisping was getting through with the one-two and leg kick, but Silva landed a head kick to keep the Brit on his toes before getting through with a vicious knee.

It was the start of a bad 30 seconds for Bisping and Silva then went in for the kill. The Count was signalling he had lost his mouth guard when Silva landed a horrible flying knee.

Silva was up on the cage thinking he’d won. The fight had to be stopped for several minutes and Bisping’s face streamed with blood from a nasty cut.

Bisping then took a groin shot as the round descended into further controversy. Gasps rang out when the replay was shown on the big screen.

Silva was toying with Bisping bobbing and weaving against the fence and letting Bisping throw shot after shot at fresh air.

With Silva back on the attack, Bisping managed to work well off the back foot before he got caught with an upper cut.

The referee had to call time to  allow the doctor to clean Bisping’s bloody face. Chants of Bisping trang out as the crowd  roared him on.

Bisping had Silva pinned against the fence, but The Spider landed a savage front kick to the face which stunned the 36-year-old. But incredibly he sucked it up and battled on.

Silva still has some incredible shots in his locker. He took a solid right hand from the former champ which sounded and looked like a butcher pounding raw meat.

Bisping was still on the attack right to the end of the fight and it was a truly defining fight in his 10-year UFC career.