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03rd Jul 2015

Messi and Argentina sent message of support from Al Pacino

Scarface (and we don't mean Tevez...)


Argentina have received the backing of the Godfather in a show of support they can’t refuse…

That’s right – the legendary Al Pacino has recorded a message of love and encouragement for Messi et al as they prepare for the Copa America final versus Chile.

The fact that Pacino’s girlfriend Lucila Sola is Argentinian may have something to do with it, but his sentiments sounded genuine enough.

“I love the way they play,” said Pacino. “I get excited along with my wonderful girlfriend Lucila…I don’t know you as people so I don’t want to say how great you are as people, but as players, I love you”

You can listen to the full message in the video below. Let’s hope Arturo Vidal isn’t sleeping with the fishes come Monday…