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04th Dec 2015

Jose Aldo’s main sparring partner talks down Conor McGregor’s chances

Confidence is high

Patrick McCarry

“My only fear is that Aldo will kill Conor and I won’t be able to beat him after this.”

Jonas Bilharinho is sure of one thing –  that Jose Aldo will dismantle Conor McGregor at UFC 194. He just hasn’t worked out whether it will be by submission or K.O.

While it was Nova Uniao lightweight Alcides Nunes who fractured Aldo’s ribs, in June, Bilharinho was the fighter brought in to mimic The Notorious.

Having sparred with Aldo for the past year, and frequently since September, the Jungle Fight champion is enthused.

Interviewed by Niall McGrath on Talking Brawls MMA, the Brazilian said, “Jose is a beast. I cannot describe him in any other way. He has a capacity to fill up the holes on his game that I have never seen.”

Bilharinho believes McGregor’s interim title victory against Chad Mendes, in July, was the worst thing that could have happened as it exposed flaws in McGregor’s game.

“We are preparing him mentally, a lot,” he added. “I have been cursing [at] him day by day for the last two months. Nothing Conor says to him during the fight will affect him… If he is waiting to break him, mentally, it will not happen.”