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20th Nov 2015

Jose Aldo vows to find “snitch” after reports of another training camp injury

Calling bullsh*t

Patrick McCarry

Trouble in Brazilian paradise.

Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor have both boldly predicted that Jose Aldo Junior will not show up at UFC 194 to unify the featherweight belt.

The current world champion, who shares his crown with McGregor, pulled out of his fifth fight in MMA history ahead of UFC 189, in July.

Aldo has kept a relatively low profile since then, preferring to take swipes via Instagram rather than to the media.

Aldo felt compelled to give an audience to Brazilian journalists on Wednesday after recent Sonnen-fuelled reports of another injury (it was a fractured rib in July) sustained in training camp.

Scarface dismissed claims that Sonnen had a source close to the Aldo camp who told him it was unlikely the champ would be at UFC 194.

Aldo said, “Any little thing we do, everyone talks. I have kept quiet but Dede [Pederneiras, his coach] was a little stressed. I try not to care much about what people say.”

The Brazilian described Sonnen’s proclamations as “bullsh*t”. He used the phrase X9, which is a colloquialism for a snitch or informant.

He added, “Sometimes [in the gym] I will talk about being hurt, just to put people on the wrong track and find out who the X9 is.”

Aldo concedes that he has taken to wearing greater protection during sparring but insists he will not slow down the intensity of his training.

“Anyone who was here [at training] will see that claims I am tired should not exist. A champion is never tired.”